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Independents Delivering Energy Aligned Locally

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Fueling Local Energy Businesses

Member-Owner Benefits


Earn rebates by doing business with our Partner network. You might qualify already!

direct savings

Partners’ offer exclusive savings for IDEAL Owners with NO Annual Fees!


Join our network of fellow IDEAL Owners and Partners who share their expertise on all topics with you!


Stay one step ahead of your competition with Owner meetings, panel discussions & urgent briefs!

Our Purpose:

IDEAL Energy is a purchasing cooperative owned and operated by its Member-Owners who are local energy distributors. Our objective is to deliver reliable, secure heating and transportation fuels, along with exceptional service and HVAC, through a high-quality, independent network.

Our Mission:

​To support, sustain and secure independent retail energy businesses by aggregating resources through a multi-stakeholder purchasing cooperative.

  • IDEAL aggregates an Owner's purchasing for fuel, equipment and essential business services with our Fuel Suppliers, Equipment and Business Service Vendor Partners.

  • IDEAL Energy enhances an Owner's operational prowess by facilitating the exchange of Owner-driven best practices, as well as offering education and training opportunities.

Let's band together and start co-operating.

Participation in IDEAL Energy Cooperative is by invitation only,
so let's start the conversation!

Become an Energy Distributor Member-Owner
Become a Supplier or Vendor Partner
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