Partner FAQs

What's in it for me?

Direct access to energy distributor decision-makers in consistent, known forums, with Member Owners who want to work with those vendors and suppliers who are committed to IDEAL's mission - the long term success of independent energy distributors. 

Can Vendor/Supplier Partners be part of the Fuel-Local Movement? 

Yes! IDEAL partners are an integral part of the energy supply chain and we are proud to promote both our Member Owners and Vendor and Supplier Partners. As we grow, we want you to grow with us!

Are there exclusive territories?

We work hard to keep our Partners and Suppliers exclusive. Reasons for multiple Partners or Suppliers in the same industry would either be for geographical reasons or supply reasons. 

Isn't IDEAL just a buying group?

NO! Unlike buying groups, a purchasing cooperative is owned and governed by its members,  and IDEAL does more!!   We have a dual mission to bring together best-in-class energy distributors, collectively telling our “Fuel-Local”, community reliability story and providing unparalleled business support to our Member Owners.

Will my competition know what I am doing?


We keep all information gathered from members completely confidential. We use information simply to highlight our retailers collective power within the industry. 

How do I become a Partner or Supplier?

Members refer potential Vendors and Suppliers, at which point our Membership Committee will reach out personally to set up a confidential virtual presentation. The committee typically meets twice per month to review any prospective members who have inquired. Click here to Join Now!

What is the cost of joining?


 There is no cost. Our retroactive rebate structure incentivizes member-owners to do business with you and only when you gain business from IDEAL, do rebates become activated.

Why should I become a Preferred

Having access to best-in-class energy retailers, can help grow your business.

What will my time investment  
look like?

Explain - for OWNERS...Annual Meeting - and other?

Is it open to 
every Vendor & Supplier? 

IDEAL is an exclusive invite-only Cooperative, and members are encouraged to refer best-in-class potential Vendor and Suppliers. IDEAL's Partner Committee will vet prospective partners starting with a virtual presentation to ensure mission alignment and cooperative structure.