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Member FAQs

What's in it for me?

Quantitatively, better purchasing opportunities for fuel, equipment and business services. Qualitatively, an energy community supporting each other through best practices, committed to excellence in heating and transportation of delivered fuels and service. Also, defending the fuels we deliver and service through our Fuel-Local program. 

Is it open to every dealer?

IDEAL is an exclusive invite-only Cooperative, and members are encouraged to refer best-in-class energy retailers, vendors and suppliers.

Are there exclusive territories?

No. Unlike buying groups or franchises, our cooperative uses member and partner referrals and seek those who meet our standards and adhere to our membership criteria.

Isn't IDEAL just a buying group?

NO! Unlike buying groups our qualitative  purchasing cooperative is owned and governed by its members. We have a dual mission to bring together best-in-class energy distributors, collectively supporting & telling our Fuel-Local message.

Will my competition know what I am doing?


We keep all information gathered from members completely confidential. We use information simply to highlight our retailers collective power within the industry. 

How do I become a Member?

Members refer potential energy distributors, and Membership Committee members reach out personally to set up a confidential virtual presentation. The committee typically meets twice per month to review any prospective members who have inquired. Click here to Join Now!

Do I retain my own identity, brand, and logo?


You remain you.

You have the option of

co-branding IDEAL materials or leveraging our Fuel-Local brand, which is currently in the works.

Aside from not having to pay the initiation fee, Charter Members are immediately vested for patronage benefits.

What is the difference between a Charter & Regular Member?

No problem! Refer them! Our Vendor and Supplier Partner Committee will contact, vet and invite those Partner referrals!

What if my Vendors or Suppliers aren't Partners?

What will my time investment look like?

IDEAL understands how busy you are, because all of our members are 24/7/365 energy distributors! IDEAL management employs a variety of communication and program resources that are accessible when members are available. Remember, cooperatives do for their members that which is difficult to do themselves, saving you time!

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