Ryan Jackson, COO, DF Richard Energy

Dover, NH

"With all of the consolidation going on with retail energy operators, it is great to know that I have a team helping me compete at every level with purchasing, marketing, and best practices. It has been a blessing to collaborate with other excellent energy retailers regarding the current COVID-19 crisis and know that our business is doing all we can for the safety and security of our employees and customers. The IDEAL Energy community is committed to not only my success but of all of the members, and it is reassuring to know that we are in this together."

Mark Saunders, Vice President, White Mountain Oil & Propane

North Conway, NH

"We joined IDEAL to give a voice and have leverage in the industry to privately-held independents like us. It is a great opportunity to talk with like-minded energy businesses, to have a sounding board to bounce new ideas and perspectives outside of our own little bubble. We couldn’t have dreamed that such an organization could do so much in so little time to help us."

Rob Stenger, Partner, Simple Energy Partners

West Lebanon, NH

“When you're managing a growing business it's natural to focus on what is working and producing favorable results. Being a member of IDEAL has given me the opportunity to see what works for other owners and consider their experience with IDEAL Partners. This has led to some nice cost saving opportunities for my company that I may not have otherwise discovered.” 

Erik Sheller, VP, Sheller Oil & Propane

Westchester, PA

"I joined IDEAL Energy Cooperative back in the fall and they have been an invaluable resource during these unprecedented times. I thought you might have some interest in a cooperative for the independent fuel dealer that not only saves you money, but helps you run your business using a support network of community-minded dealers." 

Charity Lombardi-Simard, President, Lombardi Oil & Gas

Newburyport, MA

"IDEAL membership has provided a means of extensive education about many different programs and business options that I have not been familiar with.” 

Harrison Snow, President, Snows Fuel 

Orleans, MA

“Having easily accessible resources and guidance that have been provided by IDEAL throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has been essential.” 

Mike Januario, President, Sunshine Fuels 

Bristol, RI

“It is incredible to be part of a community being created by member-owners along with information sharing available within our IDEAL community.”  

Ryan Jackson, COO, DF Richard Energy

Dover, NH

"The amount of networking with other businesses that are run similar to our own is priceless. Ideas and suggestions relate directly to our field and office operations like no association has ever been able to produce, because the structure is member-owned. Cooperative cooperation is something that I have never experienced!" 

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