Our Co-op

Our Mission is to Create an Ideal Energy Cooperative by:

  • Aggregating members’ purchasing power to lower fuel, equipment and essential business service costs

  • Elevating members’ operational excellence through member-driven best practices and benchmarking

  • Building a national energy brand,
    Fuel Local

We are organized under the 7 COOPERATIVE PRINCIPLES:

Cooperatives are not new and (no matter what country) operate according to the same core principles and values, adopted by the International Co-operative Alliance in 1995. These principles are based on the first modern cooperative founded in Rochdale, England in 1844.

The People Behind IDEAL Energy Cooperative

Kris has over 25 years of experience helping family-owned heating oil, diesel, propane and gasoline marketers. Kris believes that each member-owner is capable of learning and executing their own supply chain and business strategies. And with a little initial help, energy marketers can build their internal capabilities that will consistently maximize their fuel margins while minimizing their risks. Kris is a trusted partner, trainer and coach, and her hope is to provide clients with the tools and confidence to independently and affordably navigate today's complex energy landscape.

Kris is passionate about the long-term success of the independent family-based energy business.

A general manager with operational background in the petroleum industry. He has extensive P&L responsibility running family-sized through corporate-sized, local retail energy delivery businesses. A hands-on manager who combines operational experience with solid business analysis to provide strategic direction and value.

Chris is passionate about balancing family and business.

The IDEAL Board

left to right:  Rob Stenger, Simple Energy Partners, LLC (West Lebanon, NH) | Ryan Jackson, D.F. Richard, Inc. (Dover, NH) | Mark Saunders, White Mountain Oil & Propane, Inc. (North Conway, NH) | Kris Magnusson, IDEAL Energy Cooperative, Founder Member (NH) | Mike Januario, Sunshine Fuels and Energy Services, Inc. (Bristol, RI) | Chris Brennan, IDEAL Energy  Cooperative,  Founder Member (MA)

Our board is made up of co-op members.

IDEAL Energy Cooperative | info@IDEALEnergyCooperative.com

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